In order to solidify your technique for playing fingerstyle it will pay you dividends to learn the technique of planting your right hand fingers when playing arpeggios. Put your thumb on the low E string and your index, middle and ring fingers on the first three strings – index on the third string, middle on the second string and ring on the first string. Hold them there – that is your “plant” position. Now play the strings in this order: thumb, index, middle and ring. Once you have played all four notes, immediately return your fingers to the plant position to be ready to repeat the arpeggio. Play this very slowly at first so that you have time after the fourth note to get back to plant position before the next beat when you need to play the bass note to start the arpeggio again. You should ALWAYS play this exercise in tempo; no waiting for your fingers to plant between repetitions of the arpeggio.